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We are excited to announce the addition of the Wasatch Turbo Factory WTF Tuned with TJ VanCott at the head of the Elite Tuners that have moved in here under our same roof to handle all of your EVO X and Raliart High Performance Tuning needs!!! With our brand new State of the Art custom built Dyno tuning facility with the FNP owned Mustang All Wheel Drive Dyno right here in house we have truly brought new meaning to the term One Stop Shopping. This expansion to custom specifications purposely built for this machine and this exact Dyno Tuning application will prove to be one of the premier tuning facilities in the World! All of this right here in our facility here in Utah!! For more information click on their logo above or on the link below to get all of the latest news of what is happening in our Tuning World!!

JDM = Japanese Domestic Market

(Or JDM = JD and Matt's Subarus, Evos, and mind blowing high horsepower toys! :)

Speed Shop

and Accessories

Now if you want to take your personal Subie or Evo to the next level the sky (and your budget) is the limit!  We do every imaginable accessory and alteration to Subarus and Evos from custom Headlight painting, to the most wicked turbocharging available to the planet earth, to coilovers, to rotated intakes, to exhaust, to engine management systems, to body repairs and painting, to custom painting, to wings, to wraps, to carbon, to........o.k. you are getting the picture. We are the true one-stop shop for all car customization needs. With our in house engine building room building the beefiest blocks and internals imaginable built tough to handle the increased pressure. We do intercoolers of all varieties from beefed up solid top mounts to full custom FMIC Front Mount InterCoolers, all piping and blow off valves. 100% of all accessories and installation available to boost the high performance goals that you may have. Now with an All-Wheel-Drive Mustang Dyno under our roof we can not only build and install all of your high performance accessories and engines, but our partnership with many Tuners for multiple platforms allows you to have your new toys tuned perfectly to achieve your maximum safe potential right on the spot!! Truly one stop shopping all under one roof!!! Top level engines, accessories, painting and body repairs, ground effects, and now tuning all under one roof!! Wow!!! We specialize in many brands and can help you choose the correct parts to achieve your goals! We attain consistent 400+ Horsepower on Evos with stock internals and incredible power with Subarus as well! With this new in house access to an All Wheel Drive Mustang Dyno and tuning by some of the best tuners in the industry we can make all of your new accessories match perfectly and run at it's safest potential. Come see our personal Subie collection and builds including our Cosworth Powered STI and our personal Evos, WRXs, Imports and Domestics and other insane builds to see just why we are so passionate about  building cars! We own fantastic show cars, race cars, trucks, even Subies and Evos. Yes you can play both sides haha!! No haters here!! Did you ever think that you would find a shop where we can all just get along and coexist in peace side by side everyday? :) You've found it! Only in Paradise!!! :) Come see us today at Turbo Paradise and tell us your goals and dreams and let us find a way to make them a reality!!  It's time to get Boosted and live the Boosted Life! 

The level of talent collected here under one roof is truly nothing short of staggering and mind numbing. With one of the World's top engine builders,       JD Youngblood, with 12 World Land Speed Records to his credit, to one of the World's Elite Painters, former Porsche painter and Harley Davidson  Custom Motorcycle Airbrush Artist, Matthew Een, to some of the most intelligent, talented, Engine Map Tuners to have ever lived on Earth,  the very rare Team assembled here at Paradise Auto is literally second to none in the World! With the ability to create and build some of the World's Elite Show Cars and one of a Kind Customs this definitely brings new meaning to the phrase "Dream Team" for the entire Automotive World!