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Now if Hot Rods are more your style, then swing by and come and see us for a real treat. Just as SVT is the high performance division for Ford and SRT for Dodge and AMG for Mercedes and M for BMW our High Performance Racing division here at Paradise Auto is Youngblood's Hot Rods. This is headed by the Youngblood family that have generations of speed under their belts. For fun they build some of the worlds best and fastest Hot Rods with Awards, Trophies, and so many World Land Speed Records to prove their iconic status. If you have always wanted to build a true World Class top level hot rod of your own and if only the best is good enough and there is no other substitute or viable alternative, there is no where else to go. It is almost hard to believe that some of the very best builders in the world are right here in Utah. If your desire has always been to own a legend built by some of the very top craftsman in the entire world, then you have found your source. In the vast collection are some of the top Hot Rod art in the world. With a "Utah's Finest" show car award win with a 1932 Ford equipped with a fully chromed engine top to bottom, yes even including the entire engine block polished and chromed with a blower and twin turbos on top of it, this is one of the meanest, best looking hot rods in the entire world. Even beside holding a Utah's Finest award, it holds a very coveted award from the largest car show in the world and the largest car convention on earth with a S.E.M.A. Show Top 5 award! Like we said, top of the game, best in the world kind of stuff with the proof to back it up. (Also in the collection is the runner up to a number one Hot Rod award winner too, placing 1st and 2nd is allowed isn't it?) We at Paradise can build anything from mild to wild. From traditional to full blown custom. We only use full metal original reproduction bodies by Brookville. No cheap inferior fiberglass fakies are allowed or even talked about here. Nothing but the best or it doesn't count. Engines can have anywhere upwards and even over the 4 digit horsepower range if chosen. Just come take a look at the current 32 Ford Roadster Hot Rod build nearing completion by J.D. the "Master Builder" with nearly 1,000 Horsepower and an attainable 1,200 Horsepower if desired. Earlier this year with one of the builds the car set 8 Course Land Speed Records in just 8 passes in June of this year with a 32 Roadster running nearly 1/2 the Horsepower of the latest monster so you see this new builds potential and yours. The car that just set these records is the silver car you see above which is powered by a Nissan SkyLine engine from Japan. The very best part, the driver during those record setting runs is female. Yes you red correctly, a lovely cute girl. Not just any girl, an incredibly amazing and unbelievably talented one named Ali because she just so happens to be Don's Daughter from Youngblood's Hot Rods and JD's sister so you can see that speed runs in that family and why they are involved in such a fun family hobby. Click on the photos above to check out her website and follow along in the family racing events. For your personal Hot Rod build you can choose from traditional V8 powerplants with lower horsepower ratings of around 400 Horsepower or so (ok, so that's not so low) or you can go with the Japanese engines and choose your level of fury even into the 4 digit territory if you wish. Possibilities are only limited by imagination! Paint can be literally anything you wish. Traditional Hot Rod flames, ghost flames, custom airbrushing, Chameleon color changing paint, vinyl wraps with outrageous graphics, you name it, we can make it happen up to your hearts (or pocketbooks :) desire! With a former Porsche painter and a long time Harley Davidson custom bike builder and airbrush artist under the roof we have a one stop shopping experience for seriously the penultimate Hot Rod building Shop. The only last stop will be your garage at home. Matt began teaching and training an apprentice to custom paint when Matt was just 14 years old and together through the years we have built customs for many "A" List Celebrities that are everyday well known names as well as some of the top NBA Basketball Stars in the world. You have actually found the secret shop with the world's very top level builders and artists. But that is not all. We do speed for many many things. Also specializing in Speed Shop modifications and accessories for some of the most incredible Subarus, Mitsubishi Evos, Twin Turbo Charged Corvettes, Supercharged Camaros and anything else that just isn't fast enough for you stock. We have full dyno tuning access and dyno sheets and videos to prove our engine building prowess. Come see us today about the Hot Rod or mods of your dreams or even if you just want to know about pimping your own ride. Come find out what laid back and friendly is all about. You'll be glad you did!

We are passionate about cars! With over 30 years in the auto industry from top level engine building and mechanical including world land speed record holding engines, to Auto Body, to buying and selling of regular and exotic vehicles we understand cars from a level not seen among other shops or dealers. With our extensive auto body and custom background we can see things nearly no other dealer can recognize. We know if a car has been wrecked, if so how hard, is it best to stay away from any particular vehicle and more. This ability gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace allowing us to hand select the cars that we sell so that we can always get the best cars at the best prices for the best customers, OUR CUSTOMERS!!!  We don't just buy cars, we repair cars every day so we know them inside and out. Having actually worked on cars and still working on cars we know which makes and models to avoid and why. We can help you select a vehicle with the best chances and odds of giving you great long lasting service or we can help keep your current ride running at its best or help you upgrade your ride and achieve your power goals. With our onsite Dyno tuning machine and our friends from FNP Tuning we can help maximize your power output and efficiency and make all your performance dreams come true. We aren't out just to sell you something we know nothing about like other stores. We know cars because we work on cars. We know high performance because we live high performance. Our advantage becomes your advantage and our knowledge becomes your knowledge so we can help you make the best educated decisions to match your goals and budget to either get into a car that has actually been inspected by someone that knows every aspect of the car industry ensuring a great vehicle and a great buying experience with the fairest prices around or taking your ride to the ultimate performance level.  Come work with the premier industry experts and know that you are getting a fair, great experience and a spectacular deal. Come shop with us today and tell all of your friends and family that you just took your vehicle to Paradise!! :)

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